Despite its name, soundbath do not require one to disrobe and dunk, rather participants are immersed in sound vibrations emanated by the gong, metal bowls, ancestral instruments, and voice. It lasts for about an hour in which you soften the body, calm the mind and expand your awareness. All you need is a mattress, a pillow, and a blanket.

Defined as ‘spiritual space in an urban space’, soundbath is an ancient meditation practice – newfound success to society’s fast-paced way of life. It’s a simple and powerful tool to relieve stress, increase inner balance and emotional stability for the time we live in. Participants often feel stillness, peace, clarity, and strength that they take with them at the end of the experience.

According to science, sound meditation initiates a deep relaxation, reduces anxiety and nervous tensions, activates ‘longevity hormones’, boost heart energetics and decreases high blood pressure, stimulates intelligence, creative thinking and improves memory. Well known effects by ancient spiritual traditions, nowadays rediscovered for people well-being and self-development.

I was amazed by the power of sound the first time I experienced it, discovering a magic sensation of sweetness and freedom. A wide, marvelous world opened to my sight and now I am glad to share this wonder with you.

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