Breath is the main vital function that connects us to life. It detoxicates, energizes and increases self-awareness promoting the lifeforce flow. Nowadays, our breathing patterns are often restricted by our lifestyle, emotional distress, and negative thoughts. Transformational Breath helps you open your breath patterns for healthier body state, self-empowerment and openness to life.

The workshop is an excellent opportunity to discover Transformational Breath process and it’s creator, Judith Kravitz. It’s the first step to becoming a master of your breath and use it as a tool to increase your life quality and spiritual development.

A typical workshop lasts around 3 hours and consists of:

  • Transformational Breath description: you learn about Transformational Breath phases, and three essential elements: breath in the belly, circular connected breathing, relaxed exhale.
  • Diaphragm warm-up: we perform together a series of exercises to release diaphragm to became aware of its potential for breathing fully;
  • Breath analysis or ‘respiratory system reading’: Your individual breath patterns are observed. Based on that, you receive personalized suggestions on how to work in this area to open your breath and improve your health;
  • Breath session: you breathe circularly for about 1 h promoting the natural lifeforce flow within you.  You might experience deep relaxation state and high level of consciousness, that allows you to open your mind to a broader spectrum of possibilities.

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