One to one session is personalized training tailored to your desires and potential. It is especially useful for people who want to intensively work on themselves and their goals in life. To do this, I use a mix of coaching skills that help you to develop imagination and concentration.

We start with a conversation about the areas of life you want to improve such as health, work, personal growth, love, and relationship, etc. Also, we pay attention to the aspect of yourself you feel missing or weak such as determination, integrity, empathy, grounding, self-esteem, letting go, etc. This conversation focuses the mind on what matters for you the most.

Then we work on the body –  to restore the harmony between the body and the mind. A body goes where the mind wants, and vice versa. To do this I offer a spectrum of treatments:

  • Transformational Breath ® method, if you are interested in the power of breath. You discover how conscious breathing is the key to health, stress management, and joy;
  • The sweet magic of Sound if you are interested to experience deep states of relaxation, calming the mind and expanding your awareness;
  • The mystery of Reiki, allowing the life force to flow freely in yourself.

Regardless of any specific treatment, the core of my work is the connection of the body, mind, and soul.  When they are connected, our soul finally brightens. This spark of life shines when what we do and feel, what we think and are, are aligned within us. From this perspective, this state of wholeness, life appears as what it is: a force to feel within and around us.