Sole Blu Apartments

SoleBlu is a villa owned by a traditional Italian family, one of those that hardly exist anymore. Love for work, the ambition to do things right, a slice of heaven after the war years, a well-deserved rest. A different Italy, simple and industrious, where rough and calloused hands served you a dish of meat in oil. A shake of the same hands sealed a deal. Bygone times.

I subjected it to a complete renovation to make a dream shared with my grandmother come true: surround yourself with beautiful things before you die. At the same time, I imagined a coming and going of people, because Garda is a popular destination thanks to its fairytale landscapes, hidden gems, cycle paths, hermitages, good wine, the vie ferrate and water warmed by the sun; the magic of the moonlight. I’ve never been the type to lie on the beach to soak up the sun. If I do, it lasts as long as a spritz. Having rested the body, I want to regenerate it. I detach myself from the turbulence of everyday life to change the perspective from which I look at myself and the world.

I experience a holiday according to its real etymological meaning: an empty space between two moments. A recharging space useful for personal evolution. In fact, it is my opinion that everyday life is experienced as a vacation and the holiday as a job. What does it mean to work like a mule all year round for a few weeks of peace? Will it then be true peace or parking by the hour, to then get back out there more exhausted than before, nostalgic for magical moments to experience the next time? This is why I have also made SoleBlu a Health centre, and not just a holiday centre. Health is the sense of global wellness: physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual.

If you are looking for a quiet and special place from which to enjoy Lake Garda, the possibility of using voice and vibration treatments is open to you as an added value.

I wish you a good stay and may the Spirit of the Lake bless you.


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