SoleBlu HT


sole blu

Sole blu HT is the name that encapsulates all the practices to realign (Tuning) the body, mind and spirit of the Human being, restoring inner Harmony.

Inner harmony is something that goes beyond physical health, understood as the reductive absence of disease. In my experience as a clinical nurse, I have met many healthy and unhappy people, even wealthy ones. Health added nothing to the bitter taste of life. Something does not add up.

Inner Harmony is the basic condition for spiritual development, meaning the redemption of the dignity of a Human Being, son of a Unique God, coming from a single Origin.

I realise that the word ‘God’ can arouse indifference, scepticism, maybe even outbursts of anger. But I can’t explain it any other way. A Christian by culture, I have a hard time calling him ‘Krishna’, for example.

You can call him ‘All’, ‘Source’, ‘Great Spirit’, ‘Infinity’, ‘Universe’, ‘Architect’, etc. but the substance does not change. There is a kind of ‘intelligent order’ that is reflected in the atom as well as in the sky, in the wonder of our physiology.

He questions us in silence and a sense of amazement, lack, absence, the desire to improve, the hope for something larger arises..

Whether you are an atheist or a believer, or prefer not to take any position, the basic questions are the same as always: the meaning of life, suffering, the presence of evil, what will happen at the end of days.

These seem impractical questions and can continue to be ignored, but not forever. Death levels everything and obliges sincerity.

As a nurse, I have seen many people die, and few of them die ‘well’. They seemed to have a sword stuck in their hearts forged by fragments of guilt, unspoken desires, unspoken words, dreams never fulfilled, lack of courage, inability to forgive, silence, loneliness, silent resignation, despair.

The void in front, the void behind.

I have always asked myself these questions and still have no answers. However, if you are looking for clues, there is a way to go that crosses all the spiritual traditions, as well as the methods of healing: the Body. This is my path.

Everyone can agree on the body. We all eat, breathe, think, see, hear, get excited. The body reflects the ‘intelligent order’ that created us and is the litmus test of the ‘Truth’: if something good is done to it, it feels good, otherwise it doesn’t. This applies to food, but also to emotions and thoughts, life choices.

The body is the point of balance and the starting point for spiritual ascent. This is not just about feeling better, but about living a life that deserves to be lived, preparing for a conscious death.

Therefore, I merged spiritual seeking with nursing care, integrating elements of mental and emotional health into professional practice:

  • fasting and Aloe Vera included in detox programmes
  • massage
  • breathing
  • creative visualisation
  • sound
  • light

Considering a Human as a multidimensional being made up of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body, I assist people at all levels for overall health education, which satisfies both basic needs, but also the most ‘immaterial’ subtle ones.

Science has shown the influence emotions and thoughts have on health. Health which for the WHO is a dynamic phenomenon, the result of the balance between the physical, social and spiritual dimensions. The spiritual dimension is described by the religions throughout the ages and, now that even science is beginning to investigate it, questioning the relationship between life and death, I believe the time has come to make a theoretical and practical synthesis between science and spirit.

Moreover, this can be done by anyone willing to respect the wisdom of traditional religions, as well as the proven effectiveness of scientific methods, keeping in balance with respect to the excesses of fanaticism and the radical positions of both.

A direct spirituality that I honour with my work and my life.